Photo of Georgi Yankov

What Does “GSY” Mean?

If you are thinking that GSY is kind of abbreviation you are on the right way. Actually it comes from the first letters of my full name Georgi Stanchev Yankov.

I am a Freelance Web Developer and have several years of professional experience. So if your business needs a high quality website GSY is your successful decision.

My Vision

My top priority is to provide web development work, services and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value to my clients that earns their respect and loyalty.

I believe the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone I work with including the communities I touch, and the environment I have an impact on are the most important requirement leading to success.

My Hobbies

Well, as for my hobbies I do love martial arts. My real inspiration is the legend of kung fu – Bruce Lee. During the week I go into training for two martial arts which are pretty different form each other:

  • Aikido
  • Кobayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate-do